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The ideal service to book if:

  • you crave a more intentional approach to dressing, and to life in general

  • you enjoy wearing mostly neutral colors with a few fun pops thrown in

  • you have a busy life and/or you travel a lot and want to take the guesswork out of dressing & packing

  • you want fewer, better things and are interested in building a long-lasting wardrobe of quality pieces

It all begins with an in-home consultation where I learn about you and your needs, discuss what shapes look great on you, then analyze your favorite outfits, why these outfits work for you, and what connects them stylistically. I provide honest feedback about what works and what doesn’t, and together we identify the key pieces in your current wardrobe that could work to create looks for your Capsule Wardrobe. From there, we will select each shirt, bottom, dress, layer, and shoe that will make up your capsule, piece by piece.

I'll take pictures of each item and upload the photos of each piece so I can integrate them into outfits for you in your Digital Capsule Lookbook. Any gaps that we notice will be discussed (like if you have a shirt shortage, or need a specific color of shoes to make more outfits work), and we will strategize a plan for adding specific items. I will provide you with a shop-able page of items you can order online to complete your capsule, and you can make your purchases at your leisure.

When your capsule is complete, you will have at least a month's worth of outfit combinations with your 40-piece wardrobe, and I will check in after a few weeks to see how the plan is working for you and what kind of revelations have come from your capsule experience.

Your Capsule Wardrobe will get you through the season (about 3-4 months), and does not include accessories, so you will have freedom to play around with your wardrobe until you get bored or the weather changes!

By the end of your Closet Styling service, you will have:


  • A small, but carefully curated set of clothes that will help make getting dressed super straightforward

  • Style Clarity: what best fits, flatters, and feels good. You'll discover your most authentic personal style.


  • A month's worth of outfit combinations with your 33 - 50 piece wardrobe 


  • A personalized digital lookbook that will help you recreate each look


If you like it when things are simple, organized and just right, you'll love having a capsule wardrobe. The Capsule Styling service is a perfect way to get a feel for personal styling while creating new looks through items you already own.  What a great feeling when your entire wardrobe is balanced, polished, and communicates exactly who you are! 
Capsule Styling Value, $1150
*add a 2 hour in-store shopping component to your session, $500
($150 per additional hour)

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