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Thank you for checking in on the BLOG! I'm so excited to start sharing my style tips with you. I'm a big believer that style can be learned and that with a little help we eventually discover our personal style. Yes, it's true that some people are naturally stylish and are born with the ability to effortlessly create cohesive looks, but that doesn't mean that it can't be learned - some of us just have to work a little harder. It's just like any other skill that you may not be naturally good at, but would like to learn, practice makes perfect!

Daily inspirations are a great way to start training your eye. Pick up your favorite style magazine, follow fashion bloggers on social media, and subscribe to a few stylish sites (yours truly). Slowly but surely, you'll develop a sense of what works for you and most importantly, you remain in touch with what's currently trending.

So stay tuned and let's continue to practice the art of style together! After all, effortless style takes a little effort.

May style be with you,

xx Gilda

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