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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Welcome to the first official day of Fall!! Thankfully, it doesn't feel like it yet, but so much is waiting to be enjoyed - especially when it comes to Fashion. For this post, however, I wanted to focus on a staple that is often an unmentioned gem that we should always have on hand - THE BLAZER! Having found a few great blazers while on recent shopping trips with my clients, I've realized it's an essential part of a capsule wardrobe. Each client has a different way of working their wardrobe to fit their personality, their lifestyle, and of course their body types, yet I find that the blazer is the one staple I know will work in so many ways for each and every client. There are so many options out there, but a beautiful, quality option will remain in your closet and be worn - happily - for years to come!

So, why is the blazer a Fall must-have? Let me count the ways...

1. Work appropriate:

Even if you are expected to wear a suit, blazers always work! Blazers can be worn over sleeveless dresses, pants, skirts, and even dark denim for casual Fridays.

2. Transitional:

Offers the best transition as you make your way from the office to the restaurant with dinner and drinks. Perhaps you change up the accessories and even the bottoms and the shoes, but the blazer can stay!

3. Outerwear Option/layering:

We're transitioning into Fall and it's not cold enough to wear our heavy coats, but it's not warm enough to go sleeveless...that's where the blazer comes in! Add a scarf if the temperature drops a bit more and you're all set.

4. Options are endless:

The brilliance of the blazer is that you can wear as much as you want to and as long as you wear it with a different top or bottom, you will forever be pulled together, in style and never the same. Choose a neutral color that works well with your capsule wardrobe and very much like a chameleon, it blends in beautifully with all of your other clothing items.

5. Effortless:

It doesn't take much to make a blazer look good. It exudes a professional flair but you can have some fun with a pair of boyfriend jeans, a statement tee, and a pair of flats. This juxtaposition of this serious and uber casual can portray an image of effortless style that is truly quite simple!

6. Classic:

It's the #1 reason everyone should be obsessed with this staple! It's timeless. Blazers transcend both time and trends, look great on every body type, can instantly pull together any look, and they’re perfect for layering on those brisk Fall days when you should wear more than just a cardigan. The best news? You don’t need to own several blazers to create multiple outfits!

May style be with you,

xx Gilda

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