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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

There are certain pieces that are made to fill the holes in your wardrobe. Foundation pieces. Staples. The classics. Anything that is immune to the trends; a well-cut classic that fits well, is well made, and is in good condition. Once you arm yourself with the "indispensables", you arm yourself with the building blocks for a closet that is balanced between well-edited trends and stylish practicality. Avoid the frustration of finding what to wear every morning and start with the basics and THEN gradually sprinkle some of the season's hottest trends. You have to bake the cake before you frost it.

Check the list and fill the holes in your own closet:

2 pairs of dark pants

  • Simple, skimming cut in a crisp fabric for day

  • Fuller leg in a fabric that drapes in black for day and evening

2 pairs of jeans

(sans embellishments or obvious contrasting stitching)

  • One hemmed to wear with heels

  • One hemmed to wear with flats, sneakers

3 skirts

  • Clean lines like a pencil, trouser, or an A-line in black or in lightweight wool

  • A-line, bias, or circle in a fabric with drape for day and evening

  • Neutral in a mixable fabric which can include a subtle chalk stripe or tweed

1 white button-front shirt and t-shirts

3 sweaters

(seasonless, lightweight merino wool or cashmere)

  • Black (must tonally match your black bottoms)

  • Another neutral choice - skin-flattering, of course

  • Rich color

2 jackets

  • Tailored jacket that matches one pair that matches one pair of your dark pants (black is a good bet)

  • Sporty shape in a refined fabric, like a bomber, moto jacket, or windbreaker style in leather suede, corduroy, soft wool, cotton twill - for work and play

3 coats

  • Trench coat or any similar riff on this classic that flatters you both for rain and between seasons in a light neutral or black

  • Between seasons knee-length coat that works day or night; in leather, suede, tropical-weight wool

  • Winter coat in the very best fabric you can possibly afford

1 Dress or matching separates that create a dress silhouette. Always have something that serves as a little black dress (LBD) in your closet

*Remember key words like: refined fabric, well-fit, and tonal match/skin flattering. These are not the pieces you want to skimp on, so take your time and shop wisely. This will make it so much easier!

May style be with you,


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