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My passion for fashion truly rests on seeing others look beautiful and confident while achieving their personal goals. It's not just about the new wardrobe, it's about learning more about you during this process and falling in love with yourself all over again.

 "I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all your help and time last year!! Our shopping trip and all your advice have completely changed my style and my life for the better since then. Now instead of feeling stressed out shopping and questioning every potential purchase, I feel directed and more confident in my choices.


I noticed it so much this past year when I was shopping for my wedding! After trying on tons of wedding dresses I didn't like, I had the courage to hang in there and find one I loved. And when I went shopping for a rehearsal dinner dress I found 3 great dresses from brands you introduced me to. So thank you for helping me start to define my personal style and making a very lasting positive impact on my wardrobe/shopping habits! You are truly excellent at what you do"




 "I felt like I was with a friend - Gilda had a non-judgmental, comfortable approach yet she was professional and courteous. She understood and accepted what I wanted out of the experience and tried her best to cater to that as well as provide her professional opinion.  When I go shopping now, I pretend Gilda is with me and what she would say, because I came to really value her opinion and trust her judgement in style. Even after we finished with our package, she was open to me emailing her photos of what we bought as I try the new stuff and ask her her opinion. I appreciate how I don't feel like 'just another customer' . She showed me how to use the same set of clothes for winter, summer, work,and out of work with slight modifications. She made me realize that it'll benefit me to have a more grown up age-appropriate look. I had a tight budget so it was a challenge and she worked with that.  I'd recommend her to anyone."



boston personal stylist


Management Consultant

 "Gilda is great! I had never done something like this, so I was pretty apprehensive, however she put me at ease within minutes. She took time to understand my wardrobe needs and even pointed out a few gaps I didn't notice. She was very organized on our shopping day and worked with several of the stores' sales associates ahead of time to make sure the appointment ran efficiently. The shopping day went by so fast, before I knew it I had a new wardrobe that fit my needs and stayed within my budget. I would highly recommend Gilda to anyone looking for a friendly stylist with great taste!."


Client's daughter

"Good afternoon, Gilda! I hope you've been having a glorious holiday season! I wanted to ask for the best mailing address for you but also to share this screenshot  from my mom yesterday evening.

She was absolutely beside herself with happiness when she came home yesterday and her message was bittersweet for me, because it clarified what I've suspected a long time. My mom has undervalued herself for most of her life. Thank you for making her feel special, and bringing light to the greatness that she is. It is never too late to fall in love with oneself. Thank you for gifting my mom such genuine joy that will last beyond your appointment. May God continue to bless you and the work you do."

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