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Seasons and styles change. Stay on the same page with your wardrobe all year long with customized styling support each month. Here's how it works:


We'll kick things off with my signature Sort, Shop & Style. Working together, we will look at the year ahead and plot specific events you would like to be "style ready" for. Whether it's vacations, conferences, reunions or the everyday - my role through the Year of Style is to be your personal styling concierge for an entire year.  Ensuring that you and your wardrobe are ready for anything that comes your way.

Maintain & Enhance

After your initial Sort, Shop & Style, I will support you and your wardrobe through a private online lookbook.  Each month, I will research specific items that will maintain or enhance your foundation wardrobe and add them to your private lookbook for your review and feedback. As a bonus, I will create outfits inside your lookbook through items you already have in your closet with potential purchases.  The ideal way to know if an item works with your wardobe needs.

Solo or Together

In addition to your initial Sort, Shop & Style, you also receive 2, Shop & Style sessions where I'll pre-shop for specific items and all you do is walk into a dressing room filled with perfect finds waiting for you to try on. After your Shop, we will go back to your house and create a new set of outfits combining new pieces, pieces from your initial Sort, Shop & Style and pieces you've purchased through your private lookbook.


What if you buy items while you're out and about and want help mixing them into your current wardrobe? No problem! All you have to do is take a picture of each item and upload it to your private lookbook.  I will receive an automated notification letting me know you've added new pieces and I will create a new set of looks for you. 

By the end of your Year of Style, you will have:


  • A go-to personal styling resource. This service allows you to focus on what's most important to YOU because I will take care of the "looking good" for you.


  • Stress-free shopping and styling. Your Year of Style will include 1 Sort, Shop & Style and 2 Shop & Style sessions. The perfect way to create, maintain and enhance your wardrobe in a year.


  • Interactive Lookbook & Support. A private, online lookbook will help us keep track of your wardrobe throughout the year and serve as your instant stylist wardrobe guide - created specifically for you by me. You'll also receive ongoing style support via text/email/phone so that you can fully integrate your fresh new personal style into your life.


The Year of Style is the ideal styling service if you no longer want to deal with the stresses of shopping and maintaining a wardrobe. You just want someone to take care of it for you each month!

TOTAL INVESTMENT: $10,500 or 3 payments of $3,500
(doesn’t include the price of your clothing purchases)

*Available as a virtual styling service

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