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Updated: Jan 16, 2019


This Fall 2016 season is inviting you to play. Say hello to the maximalist - more is more is more! I'm excited for textures and patterns; for jackets emblazoned with sequins, colorful patches on your vintage Levis, and energetic prints. This year, there's a modern-retro vibe fused with eclectic elegance. Not to scare the "classic" girl away - never fear the cyclical nature of fast fashion - the idea is to stick to a silhouette that compliments your shape and the aesthetic that suits your taste, but adding what caught your eye on the runway or in your favorite magazine. Was it the beautiful patchwork on a midi skirt? Was it an ornate headband? Maybe it'll be velvet shoes for you this year? You're most likely going to purchase a new sweater or a pair of boots anyway. It might as well be on trend! Go for it and have fun!

May style be with you,

xx Gilda

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