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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Have you noticed? ANIMAL PRINT is TRENDING...and HARD. Every style blogger and well-dressed celebrity is rocking it. You can always tell when something is trending when you see it splattered across your screen as you scroll through your Instagram feed.

Yes, I'm aware that animal print (and especially leopard print) has always been known as a classic print - even considered a neutral, so it's always in...yada-yada! BUT this time around, to keep things fresh, the designers showcased them with a bold new twist for Fall/Winter 2018: in bright hues, in head-to-toe print, and clashed with other classic patterns.

What does this all mean?! It just means, wear your animal print and maybe more of it. During the day even! Luckily, these patterns never really go out of style so we can splurge and really get into this "trend". But, While we used to argue that cheetah print was a neutral, that won’t necessarily be the case this season. 🛍 Cheetah and leopard prints have always been my personal fav. Although they're "on trend", I know that if I splurge on the classic pieces and save on this seasons punched-up versions, I will have pieces that I can wear year after and some fun pieces that will add a unique touch to my wardrobe without burning a hole in my wallet. Here are some examples (including some of my recent purchases) of animal print that make me want to turn my whole wardrobe into an animal kingdom!

{the re-imagined version of the classic print}

{recently purchased these sheer leggings - I'm thinking tunics and oversized sweaters}

{if your workplace will allow it, how fun would these be to prance around in?}

{don't feel like committing? Wear the trend through your accessories}

{recently purchased this classic leopard print top}

{this is the classic leopard print - very sexy, a little rock and roll}

{Recently purchased this skirt - I'm thinking tees, cashmere sweaters and sneakers}

{This is such a safe and classic pairing - purchase a wardrobe essential like this slip dress and you'll wear it for years to come}

I hope you'll try this trend if you haven't already! I promise you'll love the way it makes you feel.

May style be with you,

Xx Gilda

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